What’s New?

Seriously, I’m asking you.  What’s new in your WOTC world?

We would love to hear about your work adventures, your plans, your challenges.

There’s not much news right now about WOTC on the national front. We know there are some suggestions floating around for program expansion.  And every once in while, a feel-good story or a local workshop pops up in a headline or a press release.

Are you working in a state workforce agency somewhere in our great nation? I know some of the agencies are facing challenges with updating their technology. It happens every time Congress changes or expands the WOTC program’s eligibility requirements.

Are you working in a state that is suffering from an extended backlog of WOTC applications? I’m not offering criticism. We all have our challenges. What do you need? What do you wish you had? What would make it better?

How about veterans? Is anyone expanding their domain in a way that might help more veterans use the WOTC program to get jobs?  We’ve seen how difficult it is, perhaps it’s impossible, to change the world on a large scale. So many variables, so much money, bureaucracies, disconnected organizations and systems. Yet, a few dedicated people could make a meaningful difference locally for military veterans in their own community.

Tells us.  What’s new with you?

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