With political divisions at an all-time high, six U.S. Senators offered a much welcomed bi-partisan proposal this week – a bill to make the WOTC Program permanent!


In a state where the economy is still outpacing the nation’s for the sixth year in a row, some forward thinking Georgia legislators looked to continue that growth and incent businesses to hire more employees from the state’s deep pool of military veterans. A new Georgia Veterans Work Opportunity Tax Credit (GA WOTC) has been proposed, based on the federal program.


With WOTC, Timing is Everything!

Famed English actor Jeremy Irons said, “The secret to life is timing.” So too is success with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit! 

Also known as “WOTC” (pronounced Watt See), the Work Opportunity Tax Credit rewards businesses with $2,400 to $9,600 in federal income tax credit when they hire members of a WOTC target group.


Prison Class

Have you considered the value of hiring the formerly incarcerated?The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) might reward your business if you do (more about that later

And yes, when I say, “formerly incarcerated”, I mean ex-felons. People who’ve been convicted of a felony and paid the price. Many of them have emerged from that difficult experience with a new and improved perspective on their lives.

Numerous major employers make a point of hiring offenders after their release from custody. The following list contains just a few that have gone very public with their pledge. Recognize any?