A new opportunity

for Nevada Employers

Top 4 Reasons to Claim WOTC Now!

Reason #1: Your Nevada Business Already Hires Eligible Employees!

The 2-minute video below will show you how 10% to 20% of the people you already hire would probably qualify without changing your hiring practices. Don't ignore a tax credit you’re already earning!

WOTC reduces your federal income tax. Depending on why an employee qualifies, the amount of tax credit you can earn ranges between $2,400 and $9,600 per qualifying hire! (see FAQs for more details) It boils down to this: if you’re not claiming WOTC you are probably overpaying your federal income tax.


Change is coming. For the past decade, WOTC tax credits have flowed to Nevada employers at little more than a trickle. The WOTC unit at the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) suffered with long backlogs. Employers who tried to participate simply gave up. Accountants who might have recommended WOTC to their clients had second thoughts.

This is all about to CHANGE. A new software platform is transforming Nevada’s WOTC process. Software automation will now accomplish in weeks what had previously taken years. NOW is the time to begin. Each employee you miss can result in thousands of dollars in tax benefits lost.


WOTC Planet has a turn-key solution in place, ready for you to use. It transforms this complicated program into something easy and very valuable for you. We handle the entire process. Your new hires will appreciate simple-to-use screening tools customized for your organization’s needs. Your CPA will appreciate our detailed reports formatted for easy transfer to your tax returns. You’ll both love the tax dollars saved! It’s found money you can use for other investments or to enjoy any way you choose.


Employers should act quickly for two reasons. To qualify, an employee must provide information early in their hiring process. You can’t do it after they start work. So while you wait to get started, every new worker hired without WOTC means tax credit lost and taxes overpaid. It’s money wasted that you can’t go back and recapture. (Read more about WOTC timing requirements here.)

Also, Congress has authorized WOTC for workers with hire dates through December 31, 2019. The ship is sailing strong but could run ashore in 2020 if Congress chooses not to reauthorize it. By taking action now, employers can use WOTC Planet's turn-key solution to maximize their tax credit while WOTC remains available.

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