Vaughn Hromiko, Principal & Director of Client Services

WOTC Planet’s founding partner, Vaughn Hromiko has been a business management consultant for more than twenty years. He has served numerous organizations of all sizes, both commercial and public-sector, across the continental US.

Vaughn connects business owners with millions of dollars in tax credits and refunds. With a creative approach to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program, his firm’s services pave an easy path for employers to secure the sizable tax benefits of WOTC.

Vaughn began his career in tax incentives with big-four accounting KPMG, LLP’s Business Incentives Group. He simultaneously designed innovative technology tools facilitating KPMG’s State and Local Tax-Technology Services. Previously, Vaughn worked with MTG Management Consultants of Seattle Washington, a firm renowned for its synthesis of management and technology consulting in the public sector.

He received his MBA and a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. Vaughn also proudly earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at Brigham Young University.

Duane Jess, Director of Sales and Development

Duane Jess has an exemplary professional history during which he has melded together the very human disciplines of sales, marketing and service with a thorough knowledge of high-end information technology.

Early in his career, he earned a BS in Business and Marketing from the University of Alabama followed by a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from the University of Denver. Over the ensuing years, he has repeatedly found himself in the center of inventive new companies offering exciting new products and services. We are proud to have him on board.

Xue Lo, WOTC Team Manager

Xue Lo is WOTC Planet’s WOTC Manager.  Before joining WOTC Planet, she was an Office Manager and Insurance Producer with a regional insurance agency.  She is exceptionally detail-oriented and thrives in an environment where simultaneously managing dozens of client projects is the norm.

Xue supervises WOTC Planet’s employee-eligibility team and manages correspondence between our clients and state workforce agencies nationwide.  She plays a pivotal role in the WOTC program’s employee-certification process and enjoys daily communication with WOTC Planet’s happy customers.  People naturally like Xue.  She’s easy to talk with and you’ll enjoy getting to know her as a WOTC Planet customer.

James Cusick, Food Services Industry Expert & Consultant

Jim Cusick is a 35-year veteran of the restaurant industry. His broad experience provides a rich multifaceted perspective that benefits WOTC Planet’s restaurant clients, specializing in multi-unit operations. He speaks their language and understands their day-to-day challenges, worries and opportunities.

Prior to joining our team, Jim invested more than 25 years with the largest KFC franchise in the United States. He has also been an owner executive with smaller restaurant operations and has served the industry from the supply side.

Jim is also an Operations Manager for a multi-state Little Caesars Pizza operation based near Sacramento, CA.