Keep more of your money at Tax Time

Every year companies give up opportunities to make money when
hiring qualified employees
Are you taking advantage of every hire?

Do more with more

As you grow, you need more employees. when you hire, there could be tax credits for your company based on who qualifies. You already hire WOTC-eligible Employees.

We identify those hires that qualify for WOTC and make sure all the paperwork is taken care of.


1. Add easy WOTC screening to your hiring process

2. New hires confidentially answer WOTC questions

3. WOTC Planet does the

Mass hires could mean mass returns

Your company hires regularly to keep up with demand. As you hire, you may be missing out on WOTC tax credits that significantly reduce your income tax or even get you a refund.

Are you missing out on these amazing tax credits?

No upfront costs. Just tax credits to help you grow.

WOTC Planet makes this decision really easy. NO upfront cost.

Our process allows you to continue hiring as usual while we work behind the scenes looking for WOTC. We work hard all year then collect a small fee at the end based on the amount of tax credit we find for you.