Marketplace Partners

WOTC Planet invites marketplace partners to collaborate from a wide variety of industries. We work together to enhance our customers' productivity and bottom line. These are some of our marketplace partners.

Georgia Employment Tax Credits

Since 2002, Alpharesults has provided management and administrative services for a variety of state income tax credits and incentives. We manage the process for your company, from evaluation to data collection to final approval. We ensure your company is matched with the credits and incentives that are most appropriate for your needs.

Insurance and Business Services

OnePoint Business Insurance Services has been working with Small to medium sized businesses for over 20 years and we provide business owners with the support they need to successfully protect their companies. Business risk can come in many different forms from theft, accidents, fire damage, lawsuits or other catastrophic events that can directly damage a business and halt operations.

Payroll Services

HR Ledger, Inc., is a payroll, HR, and benefits administration outsourcing company dedicated to helping small to midsize employers manage their administrative tasks and remain compliant with all the continually changing laws and regulations.

HR Ledger is primarily referral-driven and offers clients a variety of business service professional networks including insurance agents/brokers, HR and business consultants accountants and bookkeepers, and pension advisors wanting to ensure their clients have the best payroll service possible.

Onboarding and HR Management

Onboard by HR Cloud: Built for CEOs, HR Pros, and Everyone In Between

Whether you’re a Silicon Valley startup, a multi-generational family business, or a Fortune 1,000 company, Onboard is built for you. HR Cloud’s Onboard program will save you money on recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees while preparing new hires to excel from day one and setting them on a trajectory toward lasting success.