Stephanie GreavesFormer Human Resources Manager at OCAT, Inc.
"In 2009, WOTC Planet took over the administration of the WOTC program for all our locations. Their methodology produced an immediate 50% increase in our workforce’s qualification rate without changing our hiring process.” “With minimal help from our staff, WOTC Planet effectively identifies and certifies qualifying employees, manages all the paperwork and correspondence, computes tax credits, and delivers results." “Each year at tax time, WOTC Planet coordinates directly with our accountants, helping them to maximize our tax savings."
Dale SealeChief of Operations at Santabell, Inc.
We have been very happy with the results of WOTC Planet’s services
Richard W. ConroyPresident & General Manager at Shasta Forest Products, Inc.
It was very beneficial to us to connect with a company that helped put some real money back into our business.
Sharon PratteRX Staffing & Home Care
Rx Staffing has found the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program easy to coordinate and the tax credits add up surprisingly fast! You won’t find a more committed group to work with.
Larry Marietti VP of Operation at MMG Technology Group, Inc.
“As a small business you don't have time to waste chasing down issues that are not worthwhile. Once in a great while you have a company come along that can help you put some real money back into your business.” “I encourage you to take advantage of this service and you won't be disappointed.”
Thomas W. SlagleGeneral Manager at Office Source/ Equipment Distributors, Inc.
“I have found working with WOTC Planet to be a hassle free experience, they treat our employees with respect and we’ve never had a challenge from the State regarding the filing process.”