Ways to WOTC

How We Serve You

You want the WOTC process to be easy and profitable for your company.  We make that happen.

To qualify, employees need to provide some personal information at the time of hire. We get that information for you using a confidential WOTC survey.  It’s offered on paper or through an Internet-based system called WebWOTC (SM).

Your needs will determine our approach.

Using Our Paper Survey Packet

With this approach, you include our paper survey with your regular hiring paperwork.  New hires complete their WOTC forms and seal them inside a postage-paid envelope that we provide. Your HR department simply drops it in the mail, making your WOTC process exceptionally easy.  Done.

Paperless WebWOTC (SM)

If paperless is for you, WebWOTC (SM) is ultra-easy.  No login is required.

New hires just click a special Internet link that you send them by email or within your own paperless onboarding system.  Alternatively, you can provide the link on an Internet-connected computer or hand-held device in your HR department.

WebWOTC automatically recognizes your company and offers up a survey wizard on the screen.  Your new hire answers the questions and signs everything electronically.

Upgrade to WOTC Plus Paperless Onboarding

As technology matures, employers are abandoning their old paper-heavy hiring process.  The modern way is paperless onboarding in the cloud.

You’ll see many advantages when you combine paperless onboarding with WOTC.  For most companies, the financial benefit of WOTC pays for their paperless onboarding system, with more value left over.

More About Onboarding

Service Fee

Our fee is a small commission based on the amount of tax credit we deliver.  No hidden costs.  No payment until we deliver results to you and to your accountants.