Alabama Legislature Passes Full Employment Act of 2011 – New Jobs Credit for Businesses


Following is a recent  press release from the office of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.
June 2, 2011
Governor Bentley Praises Legislature for Passing Full Employment Act of 2011
MONTGOMERY- Governor Robert Bentley today praised the Alabama Legislature for today’s passage of the Full Employment Act of 2011.  The Governor introduced the Act in March as his centerpiece legislation to help small businesses hire employees. The Full Employment Act of 2011, sponsored by State Representative Blaine Galliher and State Senator Arthur Orr will provide a one time tax credit to small businesses who hire additional employees.

“By passing this Legislation, Alabama can now help small businesses create jobs by offering a tax incentive that will grow and expand their business”, said Governor Bentley. “I commend members of the House and Senate for their hard work in passing this bill, so people in our state can get back to work. I appreciate the support of both Representative Galliher and Senator Orr to get this important bill introduced and passed in the Alabama Legislature.”

Under the Full Employment Act of 2011, businesses with 50 or fewer employees will receive a one time income tax credit equal to $1,000 per new job paying more than $10 per hour.  Once the Governor signs the bill into law, the tax credit will be available for newly hired employees, during the tax year in which the employee has completed 12 months of consecutive employment.  The Full Employment Act of 2011 is an enhanced version of the Reemployment Act of 2010.

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