Assemblyman Allan Mansoor’s Rebuttal to Brown’s Proposal to Eliminate California Enterprise Zones

The news media is full of remarks by California legislators and local leaders who oppose Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to fix the state budget by eliminating California’s enterprise zone program.  Assemblyman Allan Monsoor published his “rebuttal” as an opinion in The Orange County Register on Friday.
Here’s small sample from his piece:

When I came to Sacramento, I promised that I would not raise taxes, and I would not drive businesses out of state. Eliminating Enterprise Zone tax credits would break both promises. A more novel idea was recently proposed by Board of Equalization Member George Runner, who suggested turning all of California into one big Enterprise Zone.

Eliminating Enterprise Zones is an attack on job creation in this state. It makes no sense to include this in the budget proposal. Suggesting that “one job created in an Enterprise Zone is one job not created elsewhere” is false and disingenuous. Locating businesses into Enterprise Zones is a last-ditch effort to keep them in California. Without these Enterprise Zones, these businesses will join many others packing up.

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