CA San Bernardino Valley Enterprise Zone Having a Wiz-Bang Year!

According to an article published today in the Highland Community News, the San Bernardino Valley Enterprise zones is already at the brink of certifying more qualifying employees to date this year than it did during the entire year of 2010.

CA San Bernardino EZ

This is, of course, in reference to the program’s state hiring credit, which provides state tax reduction for employers that pay eligible employees to work within the boundaries of a CA enterprise zone.
In 2010, the SBVEZ certified 2,300 eligible employees for 182 employers. So far in 2011, the zone has received more than 2,000 employee applications from 145 employers. Easy to see that last year’s record will be easily beaten.
Accountants, payroll service providers, and other professional service firms with clients in the San Bernardino Valley would be wise to investigate the enterprise zone’s benefits. I can help . . . if you have questions please feel welcome to contact me. Vaughn Hromiko,

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