CA Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee to Meet About Enterprise Zones

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The California State Senates Revenue and Taxation Committee has scheduled an informational hearing for today on the subject of California’s Enterprise Zone program.   The hearing is scheduled to begin 1:30 PM.  Click here for the Agenda
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that those who speak best also know best while keeping the interests of California employers (and their employees) in focus.
California’s enterprise zone program provides very real tax breaks for businesses that employ people within the boundaries of the state’s 42 enterprise zones.  These zones are scattered throughout the entire length of California and provide millions of dollars in tax savings to employers every year.
My firm provides very effective services to businesses within these zones, helping to identify and maximize their eligibility for tax benefits.  Usually, we can go back 3 to 5 years to secure state tax refunds – found money our customers didn’t know they had coming.
If you’re curious, you can find more information about California enterprise zones and other similar employment tax incentive programs on our websites:  and especially for restaurants try
Good luck California.  These days you need it.

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