CA Senator Bob Dutton Supports CA Enterprise Zone Program

A short article by California State Senator Bob Dutton (R) was published in the San Bernardino Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin was republished on the Senator’s blog this week. Click here for entire article. Senator Dutton’s District 31 includes the southwestern portion of San Bernardino County and the northwestern portion of Riverside County.
Senator Dutton supports California’s Enterprise Zone Program.
Here are some highlights from the article:
“Companies of all sizes are being lured to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. Nevada, for example, has rolled out the welcome mat and is aggressively recruiting businesses to not only with an advertising campaign but by keeping costs and regulations to a minimum that make our neighbors to the west a very attractive place for a struggling California businesses to succeed.”
“California is a major economic power, but we are losing our standing in the nation and world because of the unneeded and unnecessary regulations on businesses that are forcing them to leave. If we are going to ever turn around California’s economy it must come through the creation of private sector jobs.”
“[The Enterprise Zone] program is one of the only remaining incentive programs that California still possesses. I believe it must be maintained and protected, if not expanded, to continue the support of business growth in this state.”

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