Congressional Tug of War on Tax Issues: MUST Keep Pushing House and Senate for WOTC Renewal

Paul Suplizio of the WOTC Coalition gave an analysis this morning of the current situation in Congress as it relates to renewal of WOTC and other tax extenders. While there is little chance of of immediate passage, there are important political milestones to be laid at this time.
Paul’s correspondence is published below with permission.  I have added bold emphasis to draw your attention to a few key assertions.
From: Paul Suplizio <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:05 AM
Subject: Senator Reid/Speaker Boehner Bringing Competing Tax Plans Up Soon
July 17, 2012
The Senate will take another vote on the DISCLOSE Act today, probably its last, as the bill is being blocked by Republicans.
Senator Reid is telling senators he’ll bring up the President’s plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for taxpayers earning less than $250,000 in the near future. The bill will lay down a political marker before the election—it has small chance of passing against Republican opposition.
It’s uncertain whether Senator Reid’s bill will include the tax extenders. Even if included, they will be no closer to passage as odds are against Democrats’ mustering the required 60 votes.
Our best course is to urge senators to consider the time is ripe to bring forward a bi-partisan bill extending WOTC, and possibly other tax extenders, noting strong support on both sides of the aisle in the Senate and reiterated commitment to renewal of the tax extenders for 2012 by House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp.
The House plans to vote soon on keeping all the Bush tax cuts in place for another year; it’s possible at least some of the tax extenders will be included, but this bill will die in the Senate due to Democratic opposition.
However, it’s important the House go on record supporting passage of WOTC—the first time in this Congress for all target groups other than veterans. Therefore, we should urge Speaker Boehner, Chairman Camp and other members of the Ways and Means Committee, and your own member of Congress, to support including WOTC in the next tax bill to be brought to the floor.
Behind the scenes, the White House is spurring negotiations for a compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts before the election, thereby removing a big part of the “fiscal cliff” and a big uncertainty for the economy. The odds are negative, but the situation’s volatile and stranger things have happened. This makes getting WOTC into the House tax bill doubly important, because the House can pass its bill while the Senate cannot pass theirs, so the House bill could be the vehicle for a compromise.
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