Good News! WOTC Program Reauthorization Included in White House’s 2012 Budget

A delegation from the WOTC Coalition visited the Whitehouse on Friday where they met with Special Assistant to the President Kareem A. Dale and Domestic Policy Council member Lauren Dunn. Their goal was to obtain White House support for reauthorization of the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. The mission was a clear success.
I received a correspondence today from Coalition President Paul Suplizio in which he described their meeting.

“We covered a great deal during the 45-minute meeting, and in many respects the White House staff was responsive to our appeal for a long-term authorization, funds to promote WOTC to more employers, restoration of disconnected youth and veterans target groups, and eligibility for disabled workers who are receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).”

The group also presented a fact sheet titled, “How Can the Work Opportunity Tax Credit be Made More Effective?”
Today, in an email to Paul Suplizio, Mr. Dale confirmed that WOTC reauthorization has been included in President Obama’s 2012 budget proposal. Mr. Dale also said he looks forward to working with WOTC Coalition members on proposals to create more certainty.
The tax code as currently written requires frequent reauthorization of the WOTC program by Congress and the President. This has been a problem that introduces uncertainty and instability for employers attempting to use the programs.
The WOTC program was recently extended through December 31, 2011. Making the program permanent has been a long-term goal of program supporters.

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