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We have found you another great competitive advantage! Its’ the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). You can receive as much as a $9600 per new employee tax credit and now, with WOTC Planet & HR Ledger® it is almost automatic. Its’ easy, HR Ledger® supply’s the data, WOTC Planet does the work and you reap the rewards. You only pay a portion of the found money and only if we are successful.

If you are an HR Ledger customer, or you're thinking about becoming one, WOTC Planet will help you maximize your company's WOTC tax savings.

Video: What is WOTC?

The WOTC Program is a well-know tax benefit for employers. It reduces an employer's federal income tax when they hire veterans, the unemployed and others experiencing econcomic distress.

Most employers already hire people who would qualify.  However, WOTC is only available when eligible workers are identified during the hiring process.

If your company isn't using WOTC, you're probably overpaying your taxes.

How significantly?  Depending on why they qualify, one eligible hire can generate anywhere from $2,400 to $9,600 in WOTC tax credits for their new employer. In companies that hire dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees annually, the tax benefits stack up quickly.

It is common for 10 to 20 percent of new hires to qualify as members of a WOTC Target Group, even without changing an employer's usual recruiting practices.


To qualify, employees need to provide some information at the time of hire.  It's not a lot, just a couple additional forms. WOTC Planet gets that information for you using a confidential WOTC survey, integrated into your new-hire onboarding process. It's offered on paper or online using WebWOTC (SM).

Visit WOTC Planet's Ways to WOTC page to find out more.

What Does it Cost?

WOTC Planet's service fee is a small commission based on the amount of tax credit they deliver. No hidden costs. No payment until you and your accountants receive documented tax credits.


WOTC Planet works with happy employers all accross the United States. Read what some of them have said here: Testimonials.

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