Illinois Department of Employment Security Reaching Out to Employer Associations to Encourage Use of WOTC Program

According to an article published online today  by Tesa Culli of the Mt. Vernon Register News, the State of Illinois is updating the Department of Employment Security’s (IDE) antiquated “Illinois Skills Match” system.   With the technology and procedural upgrades also comes an attitude adjustment, inspired by the IDE’s new Director Jay Rowell. Mr. Rowell was appointed in June.

“We not only have a database of people looking for work, but their skill sets as well,” Rowell said. “We can match specific skills being sought by employers. … When a resident in Illinois gets back to work, they can spend their earnings, which helps the local and state economy. … They can support their family, and help with the economic recovery.”

In addition, Rowell said the Work Opportunity Tax Credit is being under utilized.

“It’s up to $9,000 in tax credit for employers who hire veterans, youth, TANF recipients and other qualifying people who traditionally have a higher unemployment rate,” Rowell said. “The $9,000 tax credit goes a long way to helping with the salary of those new employees. It should make an employer more comfortable about hiring someone.”

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