More News About California Enterprise Zone Reform

Mario Conde published a piece in the Tribune Weekly Chronicle today that includes more details about Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez’ views on reforming California’s Enterprise Zone program.
We still don’t have specifics, although Assemblyman Perez made general reference to ideas developed last year by Assembly’s committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy – a committee Perez chairs.

Through hearings, round tables and working groups, the Jobs Committee has identified a number of proposals to refine and strengthen the program, to make it even more accountable and responsive to the communities it serves. In the coming weeks, I intend to introduce reform legislation that incorporates these ideas.

According to Conde, the article’s author, Perez does not believe the enterprise zone program will be eliminated. His confidence is good news. Perez continues, however, to support local and regional efforts to mobilize in support of the program.

I have reached out to the Governor [Jerry Brown] to brief him on our work, and I look forward to a productive discussion.

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