New Sacramento Enterprise Zone Boundaries Made Public on New Website

Great news for Sacramento area businesses! The long-awaited boundaries for the new Sacramento Enterprise Zone have been published and are now available on the enterprise zone’s new website.
I discovered the new website this morning during a routine review of the zone’s progress via the old website.  James Pardun, Enterprise Zone Manager for Sacramento County, tells me that the website went live late last week. So, this is all fresh information.  Thousands of additional businesses will find themselves eligible for new tax savings in the form of:

  • Hiring Credits
  • Sales & Use Tax Credits
  • Business Expense Deduction
  • Net Interest Deduction (for lenders)
  • 15-year Carryover of Net Operating Loss

Please feel welcome to contact me with your questions about the California Enterprise Zone program.  I am Vaughn Hromiko.  or (800) 655-5281, ext 101

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