Republican Freshman Letter Urging Quick Action on Tax Extenders

Yesterday, Paul Suplizio, President of the WOTC Coalition, sent me a copy of an important letter being organized by freshman Republican members of Congress.  The letter is addressed to Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and to Patrick J. Tiberi, Chairman of Ways and Means Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee.
The letter praises these leaders for their support of the recent committee hearings analyzing the expiring tax extenders.  It also offers additional encouragement for what the letter calls “an appropriate and fiscally responsible transition period to prevent any negative economic impacts.”
In other words, don’t allow these important tax provisions to simply die through expiration without giving Congress time to consider them on their individual merits.
As of yesterday, the letter had been signed by at least fourteen Republican members.
Senate leadership has already announced some support for a tax extenders bill. Paul Suplizio added this additional analysis of the situation:

While working to get the Senate to pass some version of Baucus/Hatch in the next three weeks, it’s just as critical to coax Chairman Camp to report a tax extenders bill that reflects what House leaders want and the House will get behind. Let’s go to work mobilizing all the House Republican resources we’ve developed in the fifty states in recent months for this task.

Refresh your contacts by phone and e-mail, and ask them to speak to Camp or at least drop him a note. Yes, the House can go to conference on the Senate bill alone, but we will be much closer to a final bill if we can get Ways and Means to take a stand and report a measure that reflects what the Republican majority will support. The Senate Finance Committee has spoken, it’s time for the Ways and Means Committee to act.

The thing to do now is to urge your state’s freshman republican Congress members to sign the letter.

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