Rumor Has It Governor Brown Will Propose Elimination of CA Enterprise Zones

I would be remiss, with all the buzz on this subject, if I didn’t at least mention it.
An unnamed source “familiar with his budget proposal” revealed to the Sacramento Bee on Monday that Governor Jerry Brown’s yet to be revealed proposal includes plans to “wipe out hundreds of local redevelopment agencies” and to eliminate enterprise zones.
We will find out the details next Monday when the Governor reveals his budget proposals to the rest of us. Until then, I am not getting too worried.  As Max Shenker of EZ Policy Blog notes in his recent post on this subject, “we have seen many false alarms in the past.”
There will be no small stir if the rumors prove true. Local officials across the state are already speaking out against it.  Thousands of business owners and local agencies statewide have a well-developed interest in keeping California’s Enterprise Zone program alive.  And, as I recently reported, there are leading legislators from the Governor’s own political party who will oppose efforts to harm the program.
Stay tuned.

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