DOL Issues Revised Forms for Work Opportunity Tax Credit WOTC

The Department of Labor has issued revised and updated forms including the ETA 9061 Individual Characteristics Form and ETA 9175 Long Term Unemployment Recipient Self Attestation Form.

There are significant changes on both forms, simplifying and clarifying the requirements for Long Term Unemployment Recipients or LTURs. Number 23 on ETA 9061 has been reduced from a double-parted (2 check boxes) to a single-check box question. The new language is easier to understand and less likely to trip-up new hires.

The ETA 9175 Self Attestation Form or SAF, has been greatly simplified.  The employer’s tax ID line has been removed. The statement section has also been completely revised.  See pic below.

Revised SAF

These simplifications will be a great blessing to new hires and the state workforce agencies that evaluate their eligibility.  The changes, however, will require design-level changes to the computer-based software and databases used by agencies to manage the data provided on the forms.  The same is true for survey- and application-management systems used by employers and authorized agents.

A grace period for transitioning to the forms has been granted through April 11, 2017. That’s 39 days from today.  The race is on!

Good luck everyone!

New WOTC Form and Guidance from U.S. Department of Labor

The long wait is over!

The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a new WOTC-related Training and Employment Guidance Letter (or TEGL) dated September 1, 2009.  TEGL No. 3-09 provides guidance about documentation standards for the two new WOTC eligibility categories created by the February stimulus bill.  It also includes the new Department of Labor Form ETA 9061 – Individual Characteristics Form that we must begin using immediately in order to obtain WOTC employee certifications.

We’ve been awaiting this news for months.  The lack of formal guidance from the Department of Labor had left state WOTC centers in a holding pattern — unable to issue certifications under the new Disconnected Youth and Unemployed Veteran categories.   It’s true that employers have been submitting applications for months now.  What’s been happening is that WOTC centers have been placing these applications into a backlog pile — unable to process them without the further guidance.

Now that the documentation standards and other procedural steps have been formally spelled out to the WOTC centers, we should begin receiving WOTC certifications for employees qualifying under the new categories.  I know that for our restaurant clients, the Disconnected Youth category has become particularly important.