Unique Opportunity for WOTC Supporters in Oregon

Now that Senator Ron Wydon (Dem of Oregon) has taken his new post as Chairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, WOTC proponents in Oregon have a unique and timely opportunity.
Senator Wydon is known for his regular town-hall meetings and his openness to constituents throughout the State of Oregon. According to the Senator’s website, he has already held more than 600 such meetings.
WOTC supporters in Oregon should take any opportunity to attend Senator Wydon’s town hall and to ask him to see that WOTC is renewed. Remember, you won’t just be speaking with an Oregon Senator, respectable as that may be.  You will be speaking with the new Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
To help get the most from your face time with the Senator, Paul Suplizio, President of the WOTC Coalition, has offered to provide industry-specific WOTC Fact Sheets to anyone meeting with Senator Wydon.

We can arm you with Fact Sheets and Talking Points, geared to the target group or industry you represent, to make this face-to-face contact with Senator Wyden truly effective.

Contact us now [at wotc@cox.net] and we’ll tell you where and when the next Town Hall Meetings in Oregon will occur.

Remember, when the Senate adjourns this week, it won’t return till the 24th, so there’s a good chance Senator Wyden will be in Oregon during the break. He needs to know that people in Oregon feel WOTC is important and take its renewal seriously.

Update: I spoke with Senator Wydon’s office in Salem, Oregon this afternoon. According to that office, there are no town-hall meetings currently on the Senator’s schedule. However, the point was emphasized that the Senator rarely schedules town-hall meetings very far in advance and that we should continue to check.
Of course, while the Senator is in Oregon, you may have an opportunity to meet with him or his staff next week at one of his six Oregon office locations.  This is your opportunity!  Check below and give the closest office a call.

911 NE 11th Ave., Suite 630
Portland, OR, 97232
tel (503) 326-7525
707 13th St., SE Suite 285
Salem, OR, 97301
tel (503) 589-4555
405 East 8th Ave., Suite 2020
Eugene, OR, 97401
tel (541) 431-0229
Federal Courthouse
310 West 6th St., Room 118
Medford, OR, 97501
tel (541) 858-5122
The Jamison Building
131 NW Hawthorne Ave., Suite 107
Bend, OR, 97701
tel (541) 330-9142
La Grande
SAC Annex Building
105 Fir St,. Suite 201
La Grande, OR, 97850
tel (541) 962-7691

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