Update on Proposed New California Enterprise Zone in Fremont

This has been popping up in the news during the past few weeks. An article yesterday by Marj Dario of the Needles Desert Star provides a nice and simple summary.
Assembly Bill ABSX3 82, which includes language to create the emergency enterprise zone around the United Motor Manufacturing Inc. automobile plant in Fremont (see previous post), also includes language to create 10 additional state enterprise zones. Recognizing the value of enterprise zone tax incentives, the sponsoring legislators are attempting to bypass the Enterprise Zone Act’s limitation of 42 zones.
From the bill’s legislative summary:
“This bill would authorize the department to designate one special enterprise zone within the City of Fremont consisting of a geographical area encompassing a facility that manufactures automobiles and to designate, until January 1, 2010, an additional 10 special enterprise zones limited to one nonrenewable 15-year term. The bill would exclude these enterprise zones from the calculation of the overall number of enterprise zones authorized under the act.” (Read the entire bill.)
We support this act and desire for as many communities, businesses, and employees as possible to benefit from the lower tax burdens created by enterprise zones.

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