Urgent WOTC Call to Action – Unique Opportunity Limited to This Morning

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I received late arriving news on Tuesday from Paul Suplizio of the WOTC Coalition that Congressman Aaron Schock will be making the case for WOTC renewal at the House Republican luncheon today. The luncheon will be from noon until 1:00 PM (eastern), on Wednesday November 16th.
The immediate goal THIS MORNING is to give other Republican House members an advance notice that Congressman Schock will be speaking on this subject and to ask them to support him.
If you’ve been lobbying a Republican House member in this effort, this morning is a crucial opportunity. Call your member and speak to their Legislative Director, Appointment Secretary or other staff members and give them the information and request.
Here is the message, as suggested by Mr. Suplizio:

“At the House Republican luncheon today, Congressman Aaron Schock will call for action on a bill to extend the work opportunity tax credit and several other important tax provisions. Please get word to Congressman _______________that Congressman Schock will be asking for action on WOTC and several other important provisions of the tax code which will expire on December 31st . Tell Congressman_____________ it will be very helpful if he or she would support Congressman Schock in this matter.”

Please note, the recent VOW to Hire Heroes Act has already passed the Senate and is being shepherded through the House. It is expected to become law and will expand and extend the WOTC program’s military veteran categories. Congressman Schock’s address will be making the case for extending the rest of the WOTC program.

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