We Should All Do More

Dear friends and associates.
Many of us have been involved with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) for years, even decades. We are experts. We’ve seen it succeed while noting its shortcomings and its gradual refinement over time.
Others among us were only recently introduced to WOTC. As we gain a more clear understanding of its benefits, we regret not becoming informed sooner.
Some of us are employers who benefit directly from WOTC, inviting veterans and other qualifying people to join our workforces.
Many of us are accountants and professionals who help those employers. Without us, our employer friends could not effectively manage the WOTC program nor properly claim its tax benefits.
One thing we all have in common, however, is that we are in business and WOTC affects our bottom lines. Each time the section of the US tax code providing for WOTC expires, it creates uncertainty that hurts us and our clients.
I know that this uncertainty is what brings many of you back to The WOTC Planet on a regular basis. You are looking for news, reassurance, and maybe even a game plan. You want to know how you can help affect a successful outcome in Congress.
The WOTC Coalition is a central player winning support for the WOTC program in Congress and the White House. Readers of The WOTC Planet profit from frequent updates by the WOTC Coalition’s President, Paul Suplizio. (Paul has given permission for The WOTC Planet to publish his progress reports.)
The effectiveness of the WOTC Coalition depends on financial contributions from its members and from other highly-interested parties like you and me. I have personally given it some thought and decided it’s in my interest to contribute whatever I can. If the coalition were to fail in its mission and we lost the WOTC program, many of my clients would also suffer.
I’m sending a check today. Will you please join me by making a financial contribution?
Send our checks to:
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Coalition
5920 Munson Court
Falls Church VA 22041
If your organization is interested in joining the WOTC Coalition as member, visit the membership page at: Join the WOTC Coalition
How much should you contribute? That’s up to you. Membership dues for a small business begin at about $200 per month.  Larger members pay more. But even a non-member contribution of $200 per year coming from each interested reader of The WOTC Planet would be very beneficial.
Our financial contributions will help the coalition mobilize representatives in all 50 states. The immediate goal is to win a temporary extension from Congress. Given the current volatility of Washington’s political landscape, it’s imperative that we support the coalition’s effort to renew and to ultimately make the WOTC program a permanent part of the tax code.

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