Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Signs State’s Veterans Jobs Bills

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed three bills yesterday, designed to help military veterans in that state to find jobs.  Each of the bills had been authored by Wisconsin State Representative Evan Wynn.
Watch the local FOX affiliate’s news coverage of the event.  Representative Wynn’s press release follows below.

******** Representative Evan Wynn’s Press Release
(Madison, WI) – Governor Scott Walker signed into law Wednesday three bills authored by state Representative Evan Wynn that are aimed at helping veterans find jobs. The bipartisan bills were signed into law in Appleton, Wisc., at a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and are part of Wisconsin’s 2012 Year of the Veteran initiatives.
“These bills are great for the veterans community and Wisconsin’s economy as a whole,” said Wynn. “Veterans have so much to contribute to their communities and this state, but the economic downturn of the last few years has left them with an unemployment rate double the average, with disabled veterans being hit even harder – 50 percent unemployment by some estimates.”
“With Governor Walker’s signature and the support of nearly every single member of the legislature, Wisconsin today made veterans and jobs a top priority,” added Wynn.
The bills received near unanimous support in the state Senate and Assembly, with only four votes against all three bills combined.
The first bill, now known as Act 209, waives the fee for most first-time professional and occupational licenses being sought by veterans. The second bill was signed into law as Act 211, and applies the federal guidelines when it comes to the appointment of disabled veterans to civil service jobs to the state civil service. Under the bill, a disabled veteran who is qualified for a position in state government may be appointed to that position rather than go through the state hiring process.
“Making it easier for veterans to transfer to civilian life is the least we can do to these honorable men and women who fought for us,” said Wynn. “These two bills are steps in the right direction for Wisconsin and our veterans.”
The third bill signed by Gov. Walker Wednesday, Act 212, creates a disabled veterans jobs tax credit that emphasizes full-time positions.
“Even more important that a job to disabled veterans facing 50 percent unemployment is a full-time job, which is why this bill emphasizes full-time and long-term employment by giving the largest tax credit to the employers that keep the veterans employed full-time and for more than three consecutive years,” said Wynn, who is a 22-year Army veteran himself.
Wynn also expressed his thanks to his colleagues who supported the measures in committee and on the floor with their votes and speeches, including the bipartisan coalition of 43 senators and representatives who are co-sponsors of the bills and Senator Julie Lassa and former Senator Pam Galloway, who co-authored the bills.
Rep. Wynn represents the 43rd Assembly District, which covers portions of Rock, Jefferson, Dane and Walworth counties.
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