WOTC Call to Action – New Developments for WOTC and Tax Extenders


There are new developments in the effort to include WOTC and other tax-extenders in the upcoming payroll tax cut bill. A Senate-House conference is currently negotiating to extend the payroll tax cut, which expires in February.
Paul Suplizio, President of the WOTC Coalition, reports that Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp is “waving off in advance an expected offer from Senator Baucus” to include tax extenders in the bill. Max Baucus is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
Mr. Suplizio goes on to explain, however, that while Chairman Camp’s statements should be taken seriously they do not halt the current tax-extenders discussion.
The Senate and President Obama both want the tax extenders in the bill. As a result, WOTC and other tax extenders have become a negotiating chip for Chairman Camp and the House Republicans who want to include other important but controversial provision in the bill.
For WOTC supporters, our job now is at least two-fold. (1) We must persuade Senate conferees to INSIST on including WOTC and the other extenders in the bill. And (2) we must persuade House Speaker Boehner that it will be in the House Republicans’ interest to agree on their inclusion.
Paul Suplizio said it well in a recent correspondence to members of the WOTC Coalition.

“We need to drive home to Speaker Boehner that not including the extenders is putting House Republicans on record as favoring a tax increase on businesses, farmers, communities, and workers—a tax increase they don’t need at this stage of the recovery.”

Is your fax machine and telephone working? Time is short. Time to roll.

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