Los Angeles Business Federation Urges Enterprise Zone REFORM Not Elimination

BizFed, The Los Angeles Business Federation, issued an Action Alert yesterday urging businesses to contact Governor Brown and their legislators in Sacramento.  The federation’s board voted to support reform measures designed to preserve the California Enterprise Zone program and is urging the business community to do the same.
From BizFed’s Action Alert:

BizFed’s Board has voted to urge the Governor and legislators to work toward REFORM – rather than elimination which would kill more than $900 million in tax credits banked by thousands of companies in California including hundreds in Los Angeles County’s more than a half-dozen enterprise zones. 

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED TO MOBILIZE THE VOICE OF BUSINESS ON THIS URGENT ISSUE.  We are being told by many involved in discussions in Sacramento that many legislators are saying they have NOT HEARD from business on this issue.

BizFed sent a letter to law makers in Sacramento earlier this week.  To help others do the same, the BizFed board invites others to use their letter, branding it to their own businesses or organization.
Time is short.  This issue will likely be decided in early March.

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