Urgent WOTC Update – Inform Your Republican Senators Now

Our friend Paul Suplizio, President of the WOTC Coalition, issued two urgent updates this morning from Washington DC.  The immediate extension of WOTC and other tax incentive programs faces what amounts to a precarious opportunity.
As the calendar year winds to a close, opportunities to extend the WOTC program are few in number. The good news is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced his intention that Congress will NOT adjourn until tax extenders are done.  He made this announcement in a news conference after the Senate Democrats’ most recent weekly luncheon.

“There are five things we’ve got to do, the Omnibus (bill to fund the government), payroll tax, unemployment compensation, doc fix, and tax extenders.”

 What to do Right Now:
According to Mr. Suplizio, if the tax extenders are not passed before December 31, there is a strong possibility they won’t be passed until after the elections next fall.  For this, and other reasons:

“It’s imperative we now work to persuade Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to commit to enacting the tax extenders before adjournment. Please concentrate urgently on your Republican senatorial contacts. . . .”


  1. Inform your Republican contacts in the Senate about Majority Leader Harry Reid’s goal to pass tax extenders before adjournment
  2. Urge Senate Republicans to support the tax extenders
  3. Urge them specifically to talk with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Whip Senator Jon Kyl about the importance of including tax extenders in whatever bills emerge from their negotiations with Senate Democrats.


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